Arm compression wrapping

I wanted to demonstrate compression wrapping in a video. I made this video with my colleague, Dr. Kayte PT, DPT. Compression wrapping is a motor skill just like braiding your hair or learning how to write in cursive. It takes a lot of practice, but is very doable. Please note you should seek medical clearanceContinue reading “Arm compression wrapping”

A primer on manual lymphatic drainage

My first bout of treatment with Julie was in a private room. At the beginning of our session, I would disrobe and lie under a sheet. She would enter the room and begin manual lymphatic drainage. Manual lymphatic drainage: a massage technique that is usually focused at moving the skin to increase the efficiency ofContinue reading “A primer on manual lymphatic drainage”

Your epidermis is showing :)

General skin care tips: Daily, wash all your body with a loofa or washcloth to remove bacteria and dead skin cells. I’m talking between your toes, around your toe nails, everywhere. Dry your skin throughly. Apply a low pH lotion. Acidic enviroments decrease bacteria counts on skin; very helpful for individuals who have increased riskContinue reading “Your epidermis is showing :)”