I get by with a little help from my friends.

I recently went to Mexico with a group of my friends with the intention of unplugging, resting, having some fun, and exploring a new place. I really like the ocean because it makes me feel very small in a good way. The awe of it’s waves and bigness reminds me I’m apart of something muchContinue reading “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Meet Dr. Kayte PT, DPT

My interest in physical therapy began in high-school. I attended a summer camp of sorts geared towards students interested in the medical field. I toured medical schools, hospitals, participated in a public health symposium, ethical debates, and learned about different career paths. Physical therapy stood out to me as a combination of healthcare and coaching.Continue reading “Meet Dr. Kayte PT, DPT”

A primer on manual lymphatic drainage

My first bout of treatment with Julie was in a private room. At the beginning of our session, I would disrobe and lie under a sheet. She would enter the room and begin manual lymphatic drainage. Manual lymphatic drainage: a massage technique that is usually focused at moving the skin to increase the efficiency ofContinue reading “A primer on manual lymphatic drainage”