Meet Dr. Kayte PT, DPT

My interest in physical therapy began in high-school. I attended a summer camp of sorts geared towards students interested in the medical field. I toured medical schools, hospitals, participated in a public health symposium, ethical debates, and learned about different career paths. Physical therapy stood out to me as a combination of healthcare and coaching. As I pursued higher-education, I considered several different routes. I realized that physical therapy was the only career where I could truly picture myself thriving. In physical therapy school, I felt like a part of me was awakened with fervor. I have experienced treating in acute care, skilled nursing, in-patient rehabilitation, and outpatient settings. I felt most engaged in the outpatient setting where I was able to follow a patient through his or her course of care. I was introduced to therapy for lymphedema in school and later during my last internship. I had the opportunity to work under an outpatient therapist who was also a certified lymphedema therapist. The more I learned, the more appreciation I had for the treatment of lymphedema, especially in an orthopedic setting. With new found passion, my goal is to see lymphedema more readily recognized, diagnosed, and managed. I hope to see a network of healthcare professionals, medical equipment suppliers, and patients work together to limit the effect of the disease on movement and the quality of life. I believe we in healthcare field have much more to learn about the lymphatic system. More specifically, I believe physical therapists have a unique opportunity to intervene and advocate. I am here for it!

Outside of physical therapy, I am passionate about music, running, drawing, my dogs, and laughing.

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