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Meet Dr. Kayte PT, DPT

My interest in physical therapy began in high-school. I attended a summer camp of sorts geared towards students interested in the medical field. I toured medical schools, hospitals, participated in a public health symposium, ethical debates, and learned about different career paths. Physical therapy stood out to me as a combination of healthcare and coaching.Continue reading “Meet Dr. Kayte PT, DPT”

Toe compresion wrapping

Sometimes the smaller areas require more work or orientation to detail. The 1 inch elasticized gauze I used I purchased in bulk online. You can also get it at your local pharmacy. Each gauze has about 3-6 uses before it gets gross or over stretched out. I also like to purchase 2 inch gauze andContinue reading “Toe compresion wrapping”

Sodium Chloride

It is recommended that if you have lymphedema, a low sodium diet is best. Salt acts like a magnet for water which increases swelling in general for your body. Have you ever noticed your eyes may be a little puffy when you wake up after an especially salty meal the night before? Behavior change isContinue reading “Sodium Chloride”


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