Leg Compression Wrapping

Dr. Kayte PT, DPT and I have made a demonstration of self wrapping a leg. I really like how she has her other leg over the table to make it easier for her to move. She could also lay on her back and prop her leg up on some pillows. Another way to get access of your foot better is using a stool in front of the table and laying your leg open like a figure 4.

I also like to have compression shorts on already so when I wrap up the groin, I can pull the shorts over the bandages. I’ll also put a sock over my foot to prevent rolling or movement of the bandaging prior to walking around.

It’s normal when you first start wrapping to take 20-30 minutes. You can easily get that down to 6-8 minutes demonstrated in the video. It’s a learnable skill! Just like french braiding!

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