Your epidermis is showing :)

General skin care tips:

Daily, wash all your body with a loofa or washcloth to remove bacteria and dead skin cells. I’m talking between your toes, around your toe nails, everywhere. Dry your skin throughly.

Apply a low pH lotion. Acidic enviroments decrease bacteria counts on skin; very helpful for individuals who have increased risk for infection. Everybody LOVES those scented lotions from popular stores. However, those lotions contain alcohol for one of their top 4 ingredients usually. Alcohol will dry your skin out; the opposite of what lotion should do. I like to recommend Aveeno, Lubriderm, or Eucerin.

Another note about this. Your compression garment will pull your skin’s natural oils off, which is why lotion is helpful and neccesary. It’s also why you should clean your compression garments regularly. More on this later.

Once you’ve applied your lotion, let it soak in 10-15 minutes before putting on your compression garment. One, it will make it easier to put on/take of your compression garment. Two, if moisture is present in your garment, it increases your risk for fungal infections. Don’t even go there. Just give your skin some time to dry.

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